May 12, 2009


amsterdam sucks you in
like a maelstrom of desire
moving past
the nightlights of the daam
past the innocence
of tourist boats asleep
neon erotica
beckons you
deep into the night
you join the frenetic crowd
so many souls
caught in the vortex
narrow lanes
going down to the canal's edge
no secrets here -
a direct argument
transparent, clear:
behind blue-lit lingerie
bare skin curves
like a fish-hook
awaiting your phosphorescent bite
the hand mimes
its touch on your hardness
the body gyrates like a tongue
the lips lick passion like a lollipop
the line draws taut
promising sticky eruption

but life moves in
gentle swirls. lust
turns and turns inward
cavorting in its own whorl
glass windows
and the luminous bed behind
spirals down wet

perhaps lasciviousness
feeds on cover,
and not
on transparence.
open-ness dilutes it...
the crowd moves on
skin, beyond
fractured desire.

gelderskade 14
i open my door

- amit mukerjee may 10, 2009

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